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Amateur Radio Tools and Utilities

AA9PW Amateur Exam Practice Pages

BeeConverted - Free conversion software, converts feet to meters, etc.

Convert Feet to Meters

Cubical Quad Antenna Calculator

Current UTC and U. S. Time

Determine the Power Output to your Antenna

Determine the Efficiency of Transmission Line

Fraction to Decimal Conversion Chart - Fraction to decimal and fractional inch to millimeter conversion charts.

Grid Square Conversion

HF Propagation & Solar-Terrestrial Data Website - Near real time MUF map and other data.

Three Element Yagi Calculator

Time Zone Conversions

Electronic Calculators

Current Limiting Resistor Calculator for LEDs

Other Tools and Utilities

Universal Currency Conversion - Convert money with this interactive currency table.

UPS Quick Time and Cost Calculator - Figure shipping cost.

U. S. Postal Service - Online postal rates, zip codes and more.



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