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Hello and Welcome to My Clip Art Page!
This web site features original amateur radio clipart drawn by Paul D. "Dave" Tadlock (a.k.a. KGØZZ).

About My Amateur Radio Clip Art
My amateur radio clip art images were originally used to illustrate some of the funny and sometimes seemingly odd happenings in the daily life of a "ham" radio operator. Many of these images were used to decorate a ham radio humor web page of mine that no longer exist on the web today. I found that my simple art work became much more popular than the humorous web page so the pictures remain and the rest is history.

If some of these images look a bit homemade, that's because they are. Some of these were my first attempts at drawing and animating GIFs and many of my earlier images were drawn one pixel at a time.

The amateur radio clip art featured here is perfect for web pages and some may even be useful for QSL cards, amateur radio newsletters or other non-profit desktop publishing.

Please read the legal notice below before downloading and using any of my images. These images are for non-commercial use only.

Tnx es 73 de KGØZZ!

Amateur Radio Clip Art
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More Original Zed Zed Clip Art

Buttons - You will find all kinds of uses for these sharp looking buttons. Just add your own text to create a custom homepage, email or other web page button.

Backgrounds - Great for web pages or perfect for wallpapering your desktop! Try one as a background image for your computer desktop.
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Clip Art Links
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How to Down-load an Image

To down-load an image for use on your web page:
First, position your mouse cursor over the desired image, then PC users click your right (opposite) mouse button and select "Save Picture As" or "Save Image As". A window will pop open and you will be asked which directory or folder you would like to place the image in.

Mac Users:
To download an image just click and hold down on your preference and then select 'Save As'. Choose a filename and click OK.

To use an image to decorate your desktop:
Position your cursor over the desired image, then PC users click your right (opposite) mouse button and select "Set as Wallpaper" or "Set as Background".

Legal Notice and User Agreement
These images are free of charge if used for your personal web page, non-profit club newsletter, desktop background or other non-profit use. Commercial redistribution, display, or any other commercial use of my original clip art in any form or manner without written permission is strictly prohibited. My clip art may not be redistributed by anyone as clip art nor as part of any clip art collection.

Zed Zed's Clip Art is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office and is archived in the Library of Congress as registration number VAu 449-782. Copyright © 1998 Paul D. Tadlock. All rights reserved.

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